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Diatox Nutrica
The latest comprehensive feed additive
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Boosts the immunity
Reduces heat stress effects
Brings phospholipids to the animal organism
Normalizes gastrointestinal system
Shows prominent hepa to protective properties
Effectively absorbs the main group of mycotoxins
Mycotoxin binder
Keeps high productivity at all species of animals and poultry at any conditions
Absorbs polar and non-polar mycotoxins
Reduces nutrient losses in digestive system
Reduces animal deaths
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Diatox Nutrica contains different components of various actions:
Yeast cell walls fight Ochratoxins and Zeralenone
Coretron (high porous absorbent on diatomite base) absorbs T-2 toxin and Zeralenone
Activated zeolite (clinoptilolite + smectite) absorbs Aflatoxins
Sodium bentonite absorbs Aflatoxins and DON
Silica component absorbs mycotoxins in digestive system, so it blocks the blood-borne negative effect of mycotoxins
Complex action of the components prevents livestock and poultry from dying and increases animal productivity
Complex of essential oils and probiotics maintain gut organisms and prevents the development of pathogenic microflora
Components of feed additives
Universal granulated carrier
Coretron Granules
  • Absorbs and releases mycotoxins;
  • Normalizes moisture and prevents caking effect in premixes and fodder mixes;
  • Improves flowability of premixes;
  • Can be used as a carrier of supplement nutrients (vitamins, organic acids).
Universal powdered carrier
  • Absorbs and releases wide range of mycotoxins;
  • Minimizes caking effect;
  • Normalizes the moisture of premixes and fodder mixes;
  • Stabilizes smooth muscles of intestines and stomach and improves absorption of calcium due to its soluble SiO2.
Coretron Powder
  • Shows antitoxic, antiseptic and bactericidal properties;
  • Absorbs mycotoxins, radionuclides and salts of heavy metals in digestive system;
  • Normalizes gastrointestinal system;
  • Boosts the immunity, which results improved growth, development and productivity of animals and poultry.
  • Supplies the organism with available and digestible macro- and microelements.
bentonite feed grade
Feed additive with ion exchange capacity
  • Absorbs and releases wide range of mycotoxins;
  • Normalizes the moisture of premixes and fodder mixes;
  • Absorbs ammoniacal compounds;
  • Normalizes gastrointestinal system;
  • Increases mucus production and improves its hepatoprotective properties.
zeolite feed grade
a private research center which has specialized in sorption, filtration, thermal insulation, and development of feed components of vegetable and mineral origins for more than 20 years
Diamix Research Center
+ Chemical and physical properties analysis
+ Grain size analysis, climatic and thermal tests
+ Controlled grinding and mixing of compositions, simulation of processes in filtration and sorption
+ Conceptual design, development and testing of trial samples
+ Development of industrial production technologies and methods
DIAMIX has a long history in the manufacturing of complex feed additives, both under the customer recipes and “from idea to production”.
We offer our partners:
+ Conducting R&D in Diamix Research Center to develop the optimal composition, production technology and quality control methods
+ Support (development of the brand book, packaging layouts, souvenirs, promotional materials), registration of products in accordance with legislation
+ Discussion, development and agreement of the product concept. Drafting of Technical Requirements
+ Detailed consultations about properties of the products, manufactured at our production site
+ Manufacturing and deliveries by any means of transport
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Technological processes are certified in accordance with international safety standards
Company’s quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards
Supplies in 25 countries all over the world
25 years on the market
we produce
manufactured both under our own and partners’ recipes
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